Iron-Month 2021 Emails to Participants

1 May 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Iron-Month!

Hello there, Iron-Month Challenger! 
Thank you so much for signing up to participate in this year’s Iron-Month. 
We have over 50 brave souls signed up to take part.
As you already know, you do it at your own pace, so whether you are going for your first run/cycle/swim tomorrow or not, remember to like, share, and get the word out there about the Challenge!
If you are starting the challenge today, please remember to take a picture and post it to social media, using the #IronMonth hashtag and sharing the donation link
The more people you let know you are doing the Challenge, the more money we will raise for our bran injury survivors. 
Also, it’s not too late to get involved. If you know anyone who has shown interest in taking part with you, send them the registration link  !

We especially welcome the brave and brilliant swimmers from Phoenix Masters Swim Club, some of whom have decided to sea swim the whole Iron-Month distance! Incredible!
Lastly, thank you so much for your help and support for this year’s Iron-Month.
We will be posting regular updates on social media, so keep in touch. 
All the best, The An Saol Iron-Month Team. 

14 May 2021

Dear Iron Month participants,
Thank you all so much for your continued efforts in our inaugural #IronMonth fundraising drive. 
You’ve been incredible thus far. 
Trojan efforts are being made all around and we are closing in on the €10k mark in terms of monies raised thus far. 
Here is a smattering of images reflecting the #IronMonth as shared by participants (An Saol service users, Friends and Family!) on social media. 

One image shows a brave member of the Phoenix Masters Swimming Club who is doing the entire distance in the ocean!
Please remember to take photos when out running / cycling / swimming and post them to social media, along with the donation link . This is the best way to generate interest and grab the world’s attention! Let them know what An Saol is all about! 
Best of luck to everyone on their journey and here’s hoping you achieve your goals if you’re planning on hitting the tarmac / the sea this weekend! 
Many thanks
The Iron Month team, An Saol 

28 May 2021

Dear Iron-Month participant,
This weekend marks the final weekend for this year’s inaugural Iron-Month Challenge. 
We have almost raised 16,000 euro thus far, thanks to your incredible efforts.
We at An Saol would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for getting involved in this fundraiser. We have not been blessed with the greatest of weather, but you have all risen to the challenge and it has been fantastic to track your progress over social media (sample of some of the images and posts that have gone up in the last week attached!).
With one weekend left, we would really appreciate it if you could do one final fundraising drive, sending the donation link ( ) to your contacts and spreading the word about An Saol, our services, and the #IronMonth on your social media platforms. 
You can tag us and/or follow us on the following channels:
Twitter: @an_saolInstagram: @an_saol_foundationFacebook: @AnSaolFoundation
If we manage to push the fundraiser one last bit, we could hit the 20k mark – an incredible amount for our first, exclusively on-line fundraiser! 
We will be in touch once more, after the fundraiser has ended, to let you know the total amount raised, but in the meantime – good luck! Happy running / cycling / swimming. 
Leave no one behind.
An Saol 

04 June 2021

Dear Iron-Month Participant,
We at An Saol would like to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to you for taking part in this year’s inaugural #IronMonth Challenge. 
It has been incredible to see the extent of support and the gargantuan efforts made by so many. 
We have raised almost 22k (€21,760) which will be used to support the service-users of our neuro-rehab centre. 
You battled rain, hail, cold, wind and most recently heat, but you did it! 
Some of you may have been reluctant to take part initially (!), but we hope that you did enjoy getting out into the elements and trying something a bit different this May. 
Next year, we are hoping that we may be able to hold a few in-person gatherings throughout the month of May so that participants can complete some elements together! 
The donation link is still live and will be for another couple of weeks if any of you have further donations to log.
Many thanks once again for Leaving No One Behind! 
Yours gratefully
The An Saol Iron-Month Team

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